In the Spring of 2009 my wife, Linda, and I pulled together a few of my children's story attempts and drawings into a little presentation and took it around to publishing houses in NYC.  I've been making the trip from San Francisco to New York every year or so for thirty years to peddle cartoons to magazines in person and meet up with fellow cartoonists.  On a few of those visits, at roughly ten year intervals, I have also shown children's book ideas, but never succeeded in getting anything published.

The presentation this time included a couple of complete stories, some outlines, and a number of cartoony illustrations in related, but different styles.  I also tossed in a selection of cartoons showing  animals doing silly activities that I drew on little cards for my kids when they were in elementary school.  It was Linda's idea back then to put a different cartoon in the kid's lunchboxes every day. They were always called  “funky chickens” because in the beginning the featured character was either a chicken or a rooster.  However, after a few weeks, or maybe it was months, of chickens brushing their beaks, sitting on basketballs, claw-painting, crowing into amplifiers, etc, other animals were called to the rescue.  Trombone playing ducks, picnicking moose, water skiing mice, operatic hippos, multi-tasking elephants with dextrous trunks and, of course, lots of pigs, all made numerous lunchtime appearances.   

One of the “funky chicken” pigs that got to go to New York was shown carrying a tall stack of books as he strained to look down and read the top book tucked under his chin. This pig liked to read.  He caught the eye of Paula Wiseman at Simon & Schuster who said she'd like to see me write a new story centered around this character.  “And, let's give him a  name,” she said.  “How about  Poindexter?”
So that's how Poindexter came to be. Though it would still be two years in the making (with many revisions), Poindexter Makes A Friend was essentially completed after the lunchbox piggy got his name and I did a brief outline and some sketches on the flight back to San Francisco.  
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