I think I can, I think I can.

My stomach flutters with nervous energy. 50,000 words in 30 days?

November 2012
Can I do it?


  • I’m taking a cross country trip to visit family in November.
  • I’m hosting family at Thanksgiving at our new little cottage in Maine. (Yes, after more than a decade of traveling in Maine, writing about Maine – see Converting Kate, my husband and I own a tiny bit of Maine. We closed our place in July. The plan was for me to stay a few weeks and then rent it out to help pay for it. But I’m still here. Can’t leave. Too in love. My husband, Saint Alan, drives up six hours each way from NYC each weekend.
  • I have company coming to visit me in NYC (Yes, I’m finally leaving the beloved cottage in November. How can I write every single day?

Beckie's house

  • I’ve practiced my speech: “I’m sorry. Excuse me. I’m on a writing deadline. I’ll have to hide away in my room for two hours. It’s NANO.”
  • Maybe family, guests, and friends, will think I’m writing some top secret project for NASA or the CIA, because NANO sounds official doesn’t it?
  • What I’ve realized is that if I don’t do NANO this November my schedule is so crazy, I wouldn’t get any writing done.
  • Because writing is something that’s done on one’s own schedule, I often put off my writing because “it’s more important to spend time with family and I can write tomorrow”. Being a writer with a flexible schedule means I’m available 24/7. Which I love. But also hate. When is my time? NANO seems to be empowering me to say my writing time is every single day.
  • I’m feeling so pumped, that maybe I’ll invent DENO (December Novel Writing Month) and JANO and FEBO! I’m hoping to get brave enough after thirty days to finally say to my family and friends, “Excuse me, I need to write EVERY SINGLE DAY. See you in a few hours.”

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