Beth Ferry grew up by beach where she spent most of the day reading. Her favorite childhood memories involve sun and salt and sand. And scribbling stories. After a four-year trip to Virginia to attend the College of William and Mary, earn a degree in English, and discover that she really missed the beach, Beth returned to New Jersey and married a boy she had known her whole life. Twenty years later, it’s still the best decision she has ever made. Her three children agree.

The colors of autumn, the taste of caramel, and the smell of peonies are among Beth’s most favorite things. She adores alliteration and the magic of rhyme done right. Her favorite quote is by Emily Dickinson and her favorite word is anticipation.

Her family has two bulldogs, a son off to college, a prickly hedgehog, and lots and lots of books. Beth loves the feeling of holding a book in her hand because she knows, through personal experience, that the book is holding her hand right back! Holding her own book, and having that dream come true, well, that’s a feeling beyond compare.

Beth Ferry is represented by Elena Giovinazzo.
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